Norshield is Your partner in areas related to Protection of Electro-magnetic Fields, Shielded Enclosure Products, Power Distribution and Testing/Control.

Electromagnetic shielding

Electromagnetic Shielding involves shielded enclosures with all required penetration equipment for electrics, air, gas, fluid etc. To ensure high quality shielding products Norshield has, through cooperation with highly experienced specialists in England, established a smooth production line.


Norshield AS supplies Cu-Flex – Flexible copper rails ensure a prompt and professional execution of electrical connections.


To offer the best of high performance electrical filters, Norshield is cooperating with MPE Ltd, who has years of experience with filters and is one of the world leaders in its area.


Throughout the years Norshield has acquired very solid experience in testing of shielded enclosures. We have equipment and instruments to perform testing according to IEEE STD 299-1997 and are able to carry out a “full” EMP-test according to 2202.2/SHOPCV/P-84.

About Norshield
  • Norshield was established in 1993, to offer comprehensive high quality engineering within the area of EMP/EMC/EMI, and to strengthen and maintain the highly specialized expertise within Powder Injection Technology world wide.–Norshield